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Three Ways to Make a Difference With Us

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Donate Today And Help C.C.S in treatment funding For Cancer. 100 percent of your donation goes directly to treat cancer's children.

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Privacy Information ?

The Society is keen to maintain the confidentiality of medical, financial and other information for the beneficiaries of the services and programs provided. The Association is committed to hand over the employee's manual to all its subjects, which provides for the confidentiality of the information of the Association, whether for beneficiaries, supporters or others.


Our Hope

To complete the path we have embarked on and to achieve the goals we have set, by first and foremost by the efforts and efforts of the dedicated officials, volunteers and donors, as well as members and members of the Assembly and everyone who has sought, contributed, participated and submitted its material and moral tender.

Become Volunteer

Volunteering is a fun and easy way to support Children’s Cancer Institute. You will enjoy meeting new people and gaining new skills while knowing you are helping to cure childhood cancer.

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