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Medications And Prosthesis
That for children in their homes after their discharge like hearing aid,wheel chairs and medical beds.
Bag Of The Society
When families know about their child's cancer and that needs aren't ready,the society will give bag full of personal things needed for them.
Local Transport
We provide transport for cases who need multiple visitations. accommodation for cases travelling to Damascus for treatment.
Cash Fund
We offer tow kinds of fund:Monthly payment or one time payment -According to each cash- to help need families during the treatment.
Toy Rooms
We furnish toy room in cancer department with educational and recreation toys.
Travel Tickets
To Damascus for patients and their parents,where they are treated.

Сирийское общество по лечению и лечению онкологических заболеваний у детей было создано в 2012 году на основании постановления Министерства социальных дел и труда Сирийской Арабской Республики № 1080. Его целью является бесплатное предоставление медицинских услуг и психологической, социальной и образовательной помощи детям с онкологическими заболеваниями в возрасте до 18 лет.

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