C.C.S Syr

C.C.S Syr

The Society was registered in the Syrian Arab Republic No. 1080, a non-profit charitable organization aimed at supporting children's cancer centers in terms of financial or in-kind resources and providing social and housing services to patients And their families in need after the field research, in addition to the preparation of education and education programs for patients and their families about the disease of child cancer and how to deal with it.

Vision & Mission

Vision of the Society: Access to every child suffering from cancer in the Syrian Arab Republic and to support him and his family. Under the slogan Give me hope to resist the pain.

Message of the Association: We are a Syrian charity seeking to create a supportive environment and to mobilize the necessary support resources to achieve comprehensive support for children with cancer through the efficient and effective utilization of resources and services to mitigate the psychological and social effects on children and their families.


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Our Goals:

  Support and support for child cancer centers in the Syrian Arab Republic through psychological, social and material support for children with cancer and their families, Direct services during the treatment of sick children (housing, rations, transport).  To provide training and awareness programs for sick children and their families about cancer and how to deal with it, and to raise awareness in society about cancer and ways to combat it and prevent it.
  Promoting and supporting studies and research on childhood cancer.
  Coordination and integration with relevant government and civil sectors.

Our Values:

Transparency: Close relevant financial, organizational and statistical information to relevant entities so that they can assess the performance of the association. Disclosure of the financial statements of the Association on its website and the competent authorities on an annual basis.
Credibility: Express the commitment and seriousness of the Assembly in the application of internal regulations, human resources regulations and the Basic Law in a fair and equal manner. The Society's commitment to the accuracy of the information and data provided to the concerned authorities (supervisors - supporters, beneficiaries, employees, others)
Disclosure: Provide all necessary information on the Assembly of interest to the parties concerned and make it available to them in a timely and fair manner so that appropriate decisions based on accurate and accurate information can be taken.

Our hope:

To complete the path we have embarked on and to achieve the goals we have set, by first and foremost by the efforts and efforts of the dedicated officials, volunteers and donors, as well as members and members of the Assembly and everyone who has sought, contributed, participated and submitted its material and moral tender.

Privacy information:

  The Society is keen to maintain the confidentiality of medical, financial and other information for the beneficiaries of the services and programs provided. The Association is committed to hand over the employee's manual to all its subjects, which provides for the confidentiality of the information of the Association, whether for beneficiaries, supporters or others.


The Syrian Society for the Treatment and Care of Child Cancer was established in 2012 by virtue of a decree issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in the Syrian Arab Republic No. 1080. Its aim is to provide medical services and psychological, social and educational care for children with cancer from the age of up to 18 years free of charge.

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